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A fighter, a warrior, and SURVIVOR...

I'm the type of woman they gonna talk about FOREVER.

Angela Adams

Angela Adams was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in October 2018 (Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer) at the age of 33. She underwent all the treatments to combat this cancer - chemotherapy, a lumpectomy surgery, and radiation.


A few months after finishing her treatments, she was diagnosed with breast cancer again but on the opposite breast in April 2020. This time the cancer was diagnosed as Stage 1 Triple Negative. She had a second lumpectomy surgery and went through another round of chemotherapy.

In December 2020, soon after her last chemotherapy session, she was told that the cancer had spread to her brain. The name for this cancer is called secondary malignant neoplasm of
the brain. She went through radiation for her breast and brain at the same time.

She was declared in remission and was chosen to attend our first retreat in 2022 in Orlando. She brought so much joy and light to our group chats and Zoom calls. We were all SO excited to get to meet her in person, but unfortunately, her brain cancer returned in February 2022.


Angela went on social media and told us it was a different type of cancer from the one she experienced prior, and quickly after being diagnosed for the fourth time she passed.

We were all heartbroken. Angela is the reason we hold space for a healing circle on the first day of our retreats. We wanted to do something in memory of her.


Her memory keeps us pushing with Pride Retreat. Angela once told our founder, Yahira, "My journey has been difficult it has inspired me to be a better woman. It has inspired me to live my life to the fullest. It has inspired me to cherish every moment."

So in her honor, we continue to provide this space for all those affected by cancer to enjoy life with others who truly understand.

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