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You Asked, We Answered

How much does it cost?

Pride covers lodging, food, and activities. Participants are only responsible for their travel to and from the location - and with fundraising.

Where can I apply?

Applications for 2024 will open soon. Please follow our Instagram for updates.

Do I need to have had breast cancer to attend?

No, we accept previvors (someone who has a genetic mutation, or has a family history of cancer), and all gynecological cancers as well.

Is there an age restriction?

55 years and younger 

Is this only for CIS Women?

No - We are changing our verbiage. We used to call all of our participants lionesses but never had any restrictions. We want to make sure all feel welcome so we are now lions.

When will you announce the Lions attending the retreat ?

There is no set date. We will send an invitation letter to the pride, once we have finalized the decisions. Then will post the lions onto our website, and Instagram account.

Will you run another retreat next year?

The plan is to run this retreat yearly. We have successfully run two retreats, so far !

Where can I donate?

Please check our information on how to donate on our donate tab under Get Involved

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