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Age: 34

Location: Metairie, LA

Diagnosis / Surgery: BRCA1+ , Double Mastectomy w/ DIEP

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About Me.

Hey ya'll! I'm Nancy I first advocated for myself at my OBGYN to get genetic testing in December 2020 due to my family's extensive history of ovarian cancer, and some breast cancer. I came back positive for a BRCA 1 mutation, which my dad and paternal aunt also have too. After my first screening mammogram and breast MRI in early 2021 which thankfully were clear, I nonetheless felt like a ticking time bomb riddled with anxiety, as many previvors can relate with. So in October 2021, I chose to undergo a risk reducing, nerve-preserving, double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. I still have decisions to make about my next big surgery for preventative BSO/total hysterectomy (likely within the next few years), but right now, I'm just living in the moment as much as I can! I already love all the other lionesses so I can't wait to meet and celebrate all of them in person!


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