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Age: 49

Location: Peoria, Arizona

Diagnosis / Surgery: BRCA2+, Double Mastectomy

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About Me.

Bel Davis is a 49 year-old Mexican wife, mother, aunt sister daughter who lives in Peoria, Arizona. In 2021, due to her family history Bel underwent genetic testing and found she carried the BCRA2+ mutation. At the time, she was overwhelmed with all of the information being given to her but made the decision to undergo a full hysterectomy followed by a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction. 3 surgeries later she is finding ways to heal. Ways to thrive. She is still finding how to process what her new “normal” is but helps her sister and aunt who were diagnosed with cancer shortly after Bel shared her positive results with her family. She has recently started meditating and yoga to help her process and reconnect with her body and mind.


Bel enjoys live music, cooking, she is a fan of The Office and loves spending time with her family. She hopes to continue advocating not only for herself but for others in the community.


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