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Age: 38

Location: New York, NY

Diagnosis / Surgery: IDC ER+ HER2- , Double Mastectomy

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About Me.

Lindsay is a pianist, musical theater educator, fitness enthusiast, and a mom of 2 in NYC. She loves tequila, making playlists, and her 13-year-old cat. In 2019, when her kids were only 2 and 4, she was diagnosed with Stage I after discovering her own lump. After a lumpectomy, and more cancerous spots discovered, she was officially diagnosed with Stage II, IDC, hormone positive, HER2 negative BC. July of that year she had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction followed by a 10 year tamoxifen journey. Survivorship has been a bumpy journey but made easier after finding @hiphophappyhour and a community of fellow young folks affected by breast cancer. proud to be a lioness alongside these fierce folks.


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